TYC North America Working Committee Meeting:

On December 3rd, 2023, the President and General Secretary of the Tibetan Youth Congress were warmly received at JFK Airport by the New York and New Jersey Regional Tibetan Youth Congress President and other members. The following day, they visited esteemed former TYC Centrex member and historian, Jamyang Norbu La, providing updates on ongoing campaign activities.

On December 6th, TYC expressed gratitude to Thupten Choenyi La, presenting a thank-you memento for his exceptional commitment to the cause of Tibetan Independence. President Gonpo Dhundup la participated in his one-day program, culminating in an evening public talk in Phildelphia.


20th North America Working Committee Meeting:

From December 9th to 11th, the three-day 20th North America Working Committee Meeting took place in New York. The opening ceremony featured TYC founding member Kalon Trisur Kungo Tethong Tenzin Namgyal la, Gen Jamyang Norbu la, Kungo Kunga Tashi la, and other former TYC Centrex members and the representatives of the NGOs. The meeting involved thorough reviews of chapter budgets, discussions on various agendas, and the adoption of crucial resolutions for the upcoming year. The event concluded with certificate presentations to participants and volunteers, followed by captivating cultural performances by the participants.


On December 11th participants of the North America Working Committee meeting protest outside the United Nations, condemning human rights abuses and genocide in Tibet. The protest was led by RTYC NY&NJ.


Minnesota Visit:

On December 15th, the TYC President and General Secretary were warmly received at Minneapolis airport by the RTYC Minnesota President and Vice President. The visit was in connection with the 25th Founding Anniversary of the RTYC Minnesota. On December 18th, they were invited as Chief Guests for the anniversary celebration, addressing critical situations inside Tibet and highlighting TYC campaign activities.


On December 16th, the TYC President and General Secretary visited TAFM’s Tibetan Culture School, addressing students during their morning assembly and touring classrooms.



On December 29th, TYC leadership, in collaboration with former RTYC New York and New Jersey members, met with New Jersey TYC members and former RTYC NY&NJ Working Committee members. Discussions centered on the pressing situation in Tibet and ongoing TYC activities. On December 31st, they engaged in a successful discussion and donation drive, strengthening campaign efforts. The meeting was attended by some of the former Centrex members, RTYC NY&NJ members along with representatives of the New York-based NGOs.


The year concluded with the TYC President and General Secretary attending the New Year’s Eve party organized by RTYC NY&NJ, where they served as Chief Guests.


The month-long series of events in the US concluded with a commitment to the Tibetan cause, reinforcing ties with regional chapters, honoring dedicated individuals, and strategically planning for the year ahead.

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