Aims and Objectives

Members of TYC accept to perform the following tasks :


  1. To dedicate oneself to the task of serving one’s country and people under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal Ruler of Tibet.
  2. To promote and protect national unity and integrity by giving up all distinctions based on religion, regionalism or status.
  3. To work for the preservation and promotion of religion and Tibet’s unique culture and traditions.
  4. To struggle for the total independence of Tibet even at the cost of one’s life.


TYC also organises cultural exhibitions and festivals to create awareness among the people of the world of Tibet’s culture. Social & Educational: TYC engages in a wide variety of activities aimed at helping those in need and alleviating some of the most urgent social and educational problems. These range from organisms broom squads to building public toilets, conducting health education programmes to blood donation, holding adult education classes to starting schools and planting trees.

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