Social Service Award

Social Service Award

This SOCIAL SERVICE AWARD is given to individuals or groups who perform outstanding social work in our community.

The recipient of this award are;

1. Tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche (2004)

2. To those people who helped in the Keygudo Earthquake relief efforts (2010)

Dalai Lama Kadrin Jaydrin Award

Dalai Lama Kadrin Jaydrin Award

The DALAI LAMA KADRIN JAYDRIN AWARD is given to the students with the highest score in Tibetan language in the Class XII board exams every year.

This award is to honor and respect the legacy and achievements of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who works tirelessly to promote and preserve the rich Tibetan language, culture and identity.

In 2015, the award is presented to Denzom for scoring 98%.

In 2016, the award is presented to Dechen Sangmo and Tenzin Gonpo who both received 98% topping in Tibetan language amongst all the high school students in India and Nepal.

In 2017, the award was presented to 16 students who all scored 99% in Tibetan during the board exam.

Rangzen Award

Rangzen Award

This award is being given to those who achieve and perform extraordinary political work for the cause of Tibet.

The Rangzen Award is received by;

1. Takna Jigme Sangpo (1995)

2. Gilbert Blanchard (1998)

3. Tashi Tsering (2001)

4. People who took part in 2008 Uprising in Tibet

5. Lhasang Tsering (2010)

6. Jigme Norbu (2013)

Martyrs Award

Martyrs Award

This award is being given to those who have sacrificed their lives for their nation and their people.

The recipient of the Martyrs award till date are;

1. Pawo Thupten Ngodrup (1998)

2. Runggye Adak (2007)

3. Pawo Jamphel Yeshi (2012)

4. Monks of Kirti Monastery who self-immolated for the cause of Tibet (2013)

5. To self-immolators in Tibet and in exile who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet. (2016)

Life-time Service Award

Life-time Service Award

This LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD is given to our members for his/her 15 years (or more) of service to Tibetan Youth Congress.

The life-time service award was given to the following people;

1. Mr. Tsering Topgay

2. Mr. Sonam Dorjee

3. Mr. Dawa Gyalpo

4. Mr. Sonam Tsering

5. Mr. Chung Tsering

6. Mr. Tenzin Thokmey

7. Mr. Urgen Dorjee

8. Mr. Karma Damchoe

9. Mr. Sonam Topden

10. Mrs. Kunga Palmo

11. Mr. Sherab Gyatso

12. Mr. Abur la

13. Mr. Jamyang Yeshi

14. Mr. Passang Tsewang

15. Mr. Lobsang Nyendak

16. Mr. Kunchok Woeser

17. Mr. Zimba Phuntsok

18. Mr. Tenzing Dhondup

19. Mrs. Penpa Dolma

20. Mr. Dhondup Tsering

21. Mr. Jamphel Dhondup

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