Commemoration of the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day in Dharamshala

In Dharamshala, the Tibetan Youth Congress, in collaboration with the Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet, and Students for Free Tibet, united to honor the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day. Preparatory meetings were diligently conducted to draft a joint statement in English, Tibetan, and Hindi, outlining campaign actions to be undertaken on March 10th.

Posters were distributed across Dharamshala to raise awareness among tourists and to remind Tibetans of the significance of this historic date.

On March 3rd, volunteers from Dharamshala congregated at TYC office to inscribe slogans and demands on placards and banners. Hand-written banners symbolized our collective commitment to the cause, fostering a sense of solidarity and activism against Chinese repression.


After a month of meticulous planning and placard preparations, we marked the 10th March Tibetan National Uprising Day by distributing flags, slogan pamphlets, and the joint statement. Participants’ faces were adorned with Tibetan flags and symbols, reflecting the struggles endured during our years in exile. The atmosphere surrounding the Temple area on March 10th was charged with inspiration, as flags fluttered and slogans reverberated among Tibetans.


Following the official program at the Dalai Lama Temple, we embarked on a march to Kacheri, with thousands of Tibetans chanting slogans in unison. The peace march witnessed participation from the broader Tibetan community, including nuns, students, and monks from nearby institutions.


Upon arrival at Kacheri, after an arduous hour-long march under the blazing sun, we commenced the program by honoring the Tibetan and Indian national anthems, followed by a minute of silence to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by Tibetan martyrs.


Subsequently, commemorative songs were sung, and the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress delivered a poignant speech on behalf of the four NGOs. He conveyed greetings and voiced grievances over the ongoing suffering of Tibetans under Chinese repression, emphasizing the necessity for continued protests to denounce Chinese occupation and amplify the voices of Tibetans inside Tibet. Gratitude was expressed to the government and Tibet support groups for their unwavering support to the Tibetan cause.


The President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, Mr. Tashi Dhondup, then read the Tibetan statement, followed by Miss Tenzin Passang, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet India, who read the English statement. The event, hosted by the President of the Tibetan Women’s Association, was a resounding success, attracting a large public turnout and reaffirming our collective commitment to the cause of Tibet.



65th Tibetan National Uprising Day Commemoration in Delhi

The 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day was commemorated in Delhi with a peaceful rally from Janpath Metro Station to Jantar Mantar. The event was jointly organized by TYC Centrex, along with RTYC Rohini, RTYC Delhi Samyeling, and RTYC Chandigarh, SFT Delhi, RTWA, BTSM, ITCO, and VTag members.


During the rally, participants raised slogans highlighting the critical situation inside Tibet and demanded the Chinese communist regime to halt its forced relocation policies and damming projects in Tibet. The gathering was marked by passionate speeches, with Mr. Yeshi Chomphel la, the Organizational Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress, emphasizing the significance of commemorating this important date and the importance of our collective efforts in fulfilling the aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet through organized campaign activities.


Mr. Pankaj Goyal, the General Secretary of BTSM, along with Professor Anand from JNU, Mr. Vijay Kranti, and Venerable Archaya Yeshi Phuntsok, former Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, also addressed the gathering, condemning the Chinese regime’s continued repression in Tibet.


A significant number of Tibetans participated in the protest rally to honor the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day.


On March 11th, more than 40 activists from the Tibetan Youth Congress staged a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy, demanding an end to the forced relocation and damming projects in Tibet, and calling for an end to Chinese repression in the region. Amidst the bustling traffic, our activists raced towards the embassy, holding placards condemning Chinese oppression in Tibet and advocating for freedom in the region. They were subsequently detained but later released in the late afternoon.

In recognition of their dedication, a Khatak was offered to them by the organizations and associations in front of the Samyeling Monastery, where the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress emphasized the importance of such protest campaigns in demonstrating solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and amplifying their voices on the international stage.






Losar Celebration in Dharamshala

Like in previous years, the Tibetan Youth Congress organized a vibrant Losar 3rd Day Celebration in Dharamshala. The day commenced with a serene Sangsol prayer offering at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. Esteemed Indian dignitaries, including Shri Kishan Kapoor, Member of Parliament, and Shri Ajit Nehria Ji, President of the Indo-Tibet Friendship Association, graced the occasion alongside former Tibetan Youth Congress centrex members and Settlement Officer Mr. Kunchok Migmar, among others. During the opening ceremony, Tibetan Youth Congress President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup conveyed heartfelt Losar greetings to Tibetans worldwide and provided a succinct overview of the event’s aims and objectives.


Shri Ajit Nehria Ji, in his address, extended warm wishes to the Tibetan community on this auspicious occasion, acknowledging and commending the Tibetan Youth Congress for orchestrating such a significant event during Losar.

Subsequently, Shri Kishan Kapoor Ji expressed gratitude to TYC for fostering camaraderie among the Tibetan community through the celebration of Losar. The event continued with captivating dance performances by Norling and Dhasa Dora Tamo dance groups, accompanied by impressive solo performance by some of the singers. Following the morning program, TYC generously provided lunch to all attendees free of cost, fostering a sense of community. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed games and dance performances, contributing to the festive atmosphere. Overall, the event was a resounding success, with numerous individuals expressing appreciation and gratitude to the Tibetan Youth Congress for fostering unity and preserving the rich traditions and culture of Tibet during Losar.



TYC North America Working Committee Meeting:

On December 3rd, 2023, the President and General Secretary of the Tibetan Youth Congress were warmly received at JFK Airport by the New York and New Jersey Regional Tibetan Youth Congress President and other members. The following day, they visited esteemed former TYC Centrex member and historian, Jamyang Norbu La, providing updates on ongoing campaign activities.

On December 6th, TYC expressed gratitude to Thupten Choenyi La, presenting a thank-you memento for his exceptional commitment to the cause of Tibetan Independence. President Gonpo Dhundup la participated in his one-day program, culminating in an evening public talk in Phildelphia.


20th North America Working Committee Meeting:

From December 9th to 11th, the three-day 20th North America Working Committee Meeting took place in New York. The opening ceremony featured TYC founding member Kalon Trisur Kungo Tethong Tenzin Namgyal la, Gen Jamyang Norbu la, Kungo Kunga Tashi la, and other former TYC Centrex members and the representatives of the NGOs. The meeting involved thorough reviews of chapter budgets, discussions on various agendas, and the adoption of crucial resolutions for the upcoming year. The event concluded with certificate presentations to participants and volunteers, followed by captivating cultural performances by the participants.


On December 11th participants of the North America Working Committee meeting protest outside the United Nations, condemning human rights abuses and genocide in Tibet. The protest was led by RTYC NY&NJ.


Minnesota Visit:

On December 15th, the TYC President and General Secretary were warmly received at Minneapolis airport by the RTYC Minnesota President and Vice President. The visit was in connection with the 25th Founding Anniversary of the RTYC Minnesota. On December 18th, they were invited as Chief Guests for the anniversary celebration, addressing critical situations inside Tibet and highlighting TYC campaign activities.


On December 16th, the TYC President and General Secretary visited TAFM’s Tibetan Culture School, addressing students during their morning assembly and touring classrooms.



On December 29th, TYC leadership, in collaboration with former RTYC New York and New Jersey members, met with New Jersey TYC members and former RTYC NY&NJ Working Committee members. Discussions centered on the pressing situation in Tibet and ongoing TYC activities. On December 31st, they engaged in a successful discussion and donation drive, strengthening campaign efforts. The meeting was attended by some of the former Centrex members, RTYC NY&NJ members along with representatives of the New York-based NGOs.


The year concluded with the TYC President and General Secretary attending the New Year’s Eve party organized by RTYC NY&NJ, where they served as Chief Guests.


The month-long series of events in the US concluded with a commitment to the Tibetan cause, reinforcing ties with regional chapters, honoring dedicated individuals, and strategically planning for the year ahead.


Tibetan Youth Congress had the privilege of hosting the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy delegate, President Haung Yu-Lin & Deputy Director Wu Ping-Tsung at the TYC office accompanied by Representative Kelsang Gyaltsen Bawa la. We discussed our yearly activities, Tibetan activism, and our vision for the future.
We’re thrilled to share that they were impressed by our work and commitment. We’re looking forward to future collaborations and their invaluable support.

Together, we can make a difference! 🕊️


TYC’s General Secretary, Sonam Tsering La, was invited as the Chief Guest during the closing ceremony of a conference organized by the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Sarah.


During his address, the General Secretary stressed the need to protect and safeguard Tibetan culture, particularly in the face of ongoing cultural challenges and potential cultural genocide in Tibet. His speech resonated with the attendees, highlighting the importance of cultural preservation and awareness.


As a token of appreciation for the hard work and dedication exhibited by the RTYC Sarah members, General Secretary Sonam Tsering La presented them with certificates of appreciation.


Gen Tsangtruk Top La, a Senior Lecturer on Tibetan History at the College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah, provided insights into the importance of preserving  Tibetan culture. The Vice Principal of Sarah College also addressed the students, adding his perspectives to the discussions regarding the importance of preserving Tibetan heritage.



Tibetan Youth Congress president Gonpo Dhundup joined a 3-day Asia Conference in Tokyo, Japan, organized by ITN. The event provided a crucial space for Tibetan activists and allies to have impactful discussions, evaluate the movement’s advancements, and strengthen our worldwide connections. The conference was also attended by the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Delhi Samyeling president along with other Tibetan NGO representatives, Tibetan supporters, and activist across the globe.


TYC observed 53rd Founding Anniversary at Tipa:

On October 7, 2023, the Tibetan Youth Congress Centrex, in collaboration with the Regional Chapter Dharamshala, observed the 53rd founding anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress. The event was held at Tipa ground and included various activities and speeches to commemorate this significant occasion.


The function was honored by the presence of the Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, Khenpo Sonam Tenphel la, who served as the Chief Guest. Special guests included former TYC Centrex members and the Regional Chapter members. Dignitaries from the TPiE standing Committee Members and civil societies in Dharamshala, as well as TYC supporters and sponsors, were also invited.


The event commenced with the singing of the Tibetan and Indian national anthems, followed by the TYC Unity Song sung by artists from the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. A minute of silence was observed to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by Tibetan martyrs.


After which the Guests were treated to traditional Tibetan rice, known as “Dresel,” and cake.


President Gonpo Dhundup la delivered a speech that emphasized TYC’s ongoing campaigns in line with its aims and objectives. He urged the Tibetan community to strengthen unity in the face of challenges posed by Chinese forces. The President also shed light on the critical situation inside Tibet.


Khenpo Sonam Tenphel la, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, expressed appreciation for TYC’s 53 years of dedicated service. Khenpo la thanked TYC for its contributions and encouraged its Centrex members to remain vigilant in decision-making, particularly in the face of external influences within the Tibetan community.


Local artists performed traditional dances, adding a cultural dimension to the event’s festivities.


A Tug of War competition between the TYC Team and the Norling Team added an element of friendly competition and physical activity to the event.



The TYC 53rd Founding Day observance on October 7, 2023, was a successful and meaningful event that celebrated the organization’s long history of service and activism. The presence of dignitaries, including the Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, added prestige to the occasion. The event also provided an opportunity for TYC’s President to address the critical situation in Tibet and emphasize the importance of unity.


The event was hosted by General Secretary Sonam Tsering la and TYC Vice President Tashi Targyal la gave a word of thanks.




On October 1, 2023, the Tibetan Youth Congress, in collaboration with the National Democratic Party of Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet-India, observed the Global Day of Action with a photo action event in McLeod Ganj. The primary purpose of this event was to protest against the Chinese Communist Government’s decades-long oppression and illegal occupation of Tibet, as well as to condemn their actions in other colonized regions, including Tibet, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The photo action was the centerpiece of this observance, featuring five activists representing oppressed regions: Uyghurs, Southern Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet. They were symbolically chained by a figure resembling Xi Jinping, to signify the suppression and subjugation these regions have endured under the Chinese regime.

A blood-stained statue with the number “74” was placed nearby to symbolize the countless lives lost and the bloodshed caused by the People’s Republic of China since its establishment.

The event commenced with a speech in Tibetan by the General Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress, addressing the atrocities committed by the Chinese government in Tibet and expressing solidarity with other oppressed regions. The speech aimed to raise awareness of the ongoing struggles and injustices faced by these communities.

Following this, an activist from Students for a Free Tibet-India read a statement in English, emphasizing the need for global solidarity in addressing China’s oppressive policies. The statement highlighted the importance of advocating for human rights and freedom for Tibet and other colonized regions.

The event drew the attention of various news media outlets, both domestic and international, who covered the photo action and speeches. This media coverage was instrumental in spreading the message of the observance to a wider audience.

The event also attracted the interest of foreign tourists and local residents in McLeod Ganj, leading to a diverse audience. The engagement and support from those present contributed to the success of the event.

The Global Day of Action observance on October 1, 2023, organized by Tibetan Youth Congress, National Democratic Party of Tibet, and Students for a Free Tibet, was a successful event in condemning the Chinese Communist Government’s oppressive actions and advocating for the rights and freedoms of oppressed regions. The photo action and speeches effectively conveyed the message, and media coverage ensured that the event reached a broader audience. The engagement of diverse attendees, including tourists and locals, underscored the importance of raising awareness about these critical issues on a global scale.



On August 8, 2023, just before the G20 meeting hosted by the Government of India, the Tibetan Youth Congress, in collaboration with RTYC Delhi Samyeling and RTYC Rohini, organized a protest event in New Delhi.

The protest was primarily attended by college students and residents of Delhi Samyeling. The intention of the protest was not to disrupt or protest against India hosting the prestigious G20 meeting but to voice concerns about the Chinese government’s continuous implementation of repressive and oppressive policies in Tibet.


The primary objectives of the protest were as follows:

To appeal to the Prime Minister of India and world leaders to prioritize the Sino-Tibet issue during the G20 summit.

To demand that China address human rights abuses in Tibet and cease practices that erode Tibetan cultural identity.

To seek global solidarity in resolving the Sino-Tibet conflict and promote unity in addressing the challenges facing Tibet and its people.

The protest began at 11:00 AM, with a presence of news media and police barricades around Majnu ka Tilla. Police presence was substantial, and the barricade were set up to ensure security.

Protestors marched and chanted slogans, carrying handwritten banners with our demands and messages to the G20 leaders. The protest took place within the barricade compound and succeeded in making our demands and voices heard by prominent Indian and international media outlets.

The TYC president also addressed the protest rally, emphasizing that our protest aimed to expose Chinese expansionist policies and atrocities in Tibet. He congratulated the host country for organizing the prestigious meeting and wished for its success.

Media Coverage:

The protest campaign successfully gained global attention on Tibet amid the G20 meeting. It received extensive coverage from more than 100 news outlets worldwide, making it a significant success in terms of raising awareness.

Overall, the protest organized by the Tibetan Youth Congress, RTYC Delhi Samyeling, and RTYC Rohini effectively achieved its objectives of raising awareness about the Tibet issue and garnered extensive media coverage during the G20 meeting in New Delhi. It was organized peacefully and helped to amplify concerns about Tibet’s situation on the international stage.


























The Tibetan Youth Congress convened its 53rd Annual Working Committee Meeting from August 7 to August 12, 2023, at the Tibetan Cooperative Hall in Choglamsar, Ladakh. This significant event witnessed the participation of various dignitaries, youth representatives, and members of the Tibetan community.

Day 1 – August 7, 2023: The first day commenced with a warm welcome to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, on his en-route to attend the 50th anniversary of Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School and the Yarchoe Chenmo Celebration.

Day 2 – August 7, 2023: In the afternoon, the Tibetan Youth Congress inaugurated the 53rd Annual Working Committee Meeting. Notable attendees included 34 RTYC (Regional Tibetan Youth Congress) Representatives. The inaugural session featured Sheri Tashi Gyalson, Chairman of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Leh, as the Chief Guest, and Rigzen Dorjey, President of the Ladakh Buddhist Association Youth Wing, as a special guest. The event was also graced by Mr. Dhondup Tsering, Speaker of the local Tibetan Assembly, Vice President of LBA Women Wing, and representatives from various youth organizations.

Sheri Tashi Gyalson acknowledged TYC’s proactive roles and expressed his delight in observing the active participation of Tibetans from both Ladakh and exiled Tibetan Communities in leadership positions. He assured his continuous support for the Tibetan community in Ladakh and highlighted the core visions of the LAHD Council.

In the subsequent days, the President of TYC, Mr. Gonpo Dhundup, along with executive committee members, led discussions on the financial annual reports of both TYC Centrex and TYC Regional Chapters. Detailed deliberations took place regarding the resolutions adopted in the previous Working Committee Meeting.

The participants engaged in comprehensive discussions on various matters of importance, addressing issues related to the Tibetan community, youth empowerment, and the overall mission of the Tibetan Youth Congress.

Day 7 – August 12, 2023: The culmination of the meeting saw the adoption of 23 resolutions, carefully reviewed and unanimously approved by all the attendees through a democratic process. This collaborative effort underscored the organization’s commitment to addressing critical concerns and working collectively for positive change.

In line with the commitment to leadership and succession, Mr. Tenzin Jamphel, President of Jampaling RTYC in Nepal, was elected as the new TYC executive member to fill a vacant position.

On August 13, 2023, TYC organized a group pilgrimage tour to Alchi and Likir monasteries. The same day witnessed TYC members being granted an audience with His Eminence the Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche, who shared insights about the significance of TYC activities during a talk at Ladakh Leh Gawa Ling Hotel.

The Tibetan Youth Congress successfully concluded our 53rd Working Committee Meeting with productive discussions, significant resolutions, and meaningful engagement. The commitment of TYC to advocating for the Tibetan cause, youth leadership, and community development remains steadfast, reflecting its ongoing role as a vital and proactive organization within the Tibetan community.



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