Tibetans protests as Winter Olympics Kicks off in Beijing

On 4th February 2022, the day of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, cities across the world held a Global day of action protests to boycott the Games.

Protestors marching towards the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi as Beijing kicks off Winter Olympics.
Protestors being taken by the Delhi Police and were detained at the Mandir Marg Police Station.

In New Delhi, Tibetan Youth Congress along with Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Delhi,  Samyeling and Rohini organized a protest Rally at Teen Murti Chowk, denouncing the Beijing Winter Olympics and demanding a Free Tibet. More than 70 protestors joined the peaceful protest and 6 got detained at the Mandir Marg Police Station. The venue is just a few meters away from the Chinese Embassy, in New Delhi.


Below is the press statement handed over to the media by the office of the Central Executive Committee, Tibetan Youth Congress:


The Olympic game is a game of glory and an opportunity for sportsmen and women to share the spirit of love and friendship and promote peaceful solutions to the conflicting issues around the world in a fair and friendly manner. But this time it is hosted in Beijing, China – a country that has a record for its Human Rights Violations and for committing genocide of Tibetans, Uyghurs, and others who are colonized and controlled under an oppressive and repressive system. It is hosted by a regime that continues to commit gross Human Rights violations in Tibet and continues to demolish and destroy the monastic institutions down to ashes.

Recently, before a month countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese government forcefully demolished a 99-foot Buddha statue and burned down 45 prayer wheels amid a wave of ongoing demolitions in Drago and other parts of Tibet. And the CCP continues to detain and imprison Tibetans for expressing their disapproval of the hard-line policies and inhuman treatment.


The situation in Tibet has sharply deteriorated since the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and an alarming number of Tibetans continue to die in custody under Chinese authorities and many have burned themselves in protest against China.


The brutal policies of the Chinese government are increasingly being recognized by the diplomatic boycotts from countries including the US, Lithuania, New Zealand, Scotland, Belgium,  Taiwan, Australia, UK, Canada, Kosovo, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Portugal.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics run a serious risk of legitimizing these abuses. Despite the increasing abuses against Tibetans, Uyghurs,  Hongkongers, Taiwanese, and Inner Mongolians, China has faced no challenge from the IOC.


Therefore, we urge the international community and world leaders to condemn the IOC’s complicity in sports washing crime against humanity and to make China accountable for not only posing a threat to the survival of Tibetan culture and identity but also for posing a strategic and security threat to the free nations of the world.


We believe Olympians are people of conscience who are committed to the Olympic Charter and its Fundamental Principles of Olympism that include a focus on “the harmonious development of humankind, “promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity”, and rights and freedoms for all “secured without discrimination of any kind.”

Therefore, we urge and appeal to the participating athletes to show their support and solidarity to our fight for the just cause by returning the blood-stained Medal that has cost countless lives, a medal made up of the minerals extracted by exploiting the rich natural resources of the Tibetan plateau and a medal known for the history of oppressions.


We, therefore call to commit the boycott of the winter 2022 Beijing Olympics and to make China Accountable for the appalling rights abuses and crackdowns on dissent.

TYC Cultural Secretary Mr. Yeshi Chomphel addressing the media about the hunger strike event.

In McLeod Ganj, TYC along with four major NGOs organized a press conference and a day-long hunger strike at McLeod Ganj Square, Dharamshala to condemn the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The five Tibetan NGOs have joined international rights groups representing Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, Southern Mongolia, and Taiwan as a part of Global Day of Action, 4th January 2022, marking a one-month countdown to the genocide Beijing Olympics 2022 in McLeod Ganj.

TYC Hunger Striker Hospitalized on 21st Day

Delhi Sept 30: At 11:21pm last night TYC Hunger Strike Tsewang Dolma was hospitalized and escorted by Police to RML Hospital in Delhi. While we pray for a quick recovery for her we are outraged that the UN has still not responded to the cries of the Tibetan people.

Tibetan Youth Congress “Indefinite Hunger Strike” for Tibet campaign started on Sept 10 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and today is the 22nd day of this campaign. Three TYC Executives Tamdin Hrichoe, Tenzin Wangchuk and Tsewang Dolma are participating in this hunger strike. As Tsewang Dolma is being treated at the hospital, the hunger strike continues with Tamdin Hrichoe and Tenzin Wangchuk.

In response to China’s propaganda and in order to create awareness about the critical situation in Tibet; to support the demands and aspirations of the self-immolators; and to show solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet, the Tibetan Youth Congress has initiated this “Indefinite Hunger Strike”. This campaign is aimed at the United Nations who we believe must act immediately and hold China responsible for their actions in Tibet.

Our demands to the United Nations are as follows:

1.Urge the United Nations member states to raise the issue of Tibet at its General Assembly and Human Rights Council Session
2.Urge China to address the demands of the Self Immolations in Tibet
3.Urge China to give evidence that the 11th Panchen Lama Gendun Choekyi Nyima is alive
4.Send a fact-finding UN delegation to assess the current critical situation in Tibet
5.Urge China to release all political prisoners

Tibetan Youth Congress is the largest Tibetan youth organization (NGO) in exile. Through non-violence campaigns, we vow to keep the struggle for Tibet alive until the issue is resolved.


TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike Called Off

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Tenzing Jigme +91-9882910291

Victory: TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike Called Off

Delhi Oct 11: On the 32nd day of the Indefinite Hunger Strike, Tibetan Youth Congress has called off the campaign after receiving assurance from the United Nations that they will address the demands of TYC. In a letter to TYC Hunger Strikers, UN Assistant Secretary General of the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner Ivan Simonovic requested the hunger strike to cease and assured TYC that the voices of the Tibetan people will be heard. He also stated that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon expressed concern at the health of the hunger strikers. The letter was delivered to TYC by Yuri Afanasiev the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in India. TYC President Tenzing Jigme said, “this is a huge victory for the Tibetan people.” He added that, “the power of non-violence methods of resistance and the fact that when we come together and fight for our country as one – we win, is evident from this victory.”

CD3_3128TYC launched the Indefinite Hunger Strike on Sept 10 and three TYC executives Vice President Tamdin Hrichoe, Finance Secretary Tenzin Wangchuk, Information and International Relations Secretary Tsewang Dolma took part in this campaign. On Sept 30, the police citing deteriorating health condition took Tsewang Dolma to the hospital.

The campaign has witnessed huge support and solidarity from Tibetans all over the world as well as Indian leaders and members of community. Visits to the hunger strikers from various Indian Members of Parliament, former Ministers, social activists, student organizations and supporters of Tibet were seen.

Tibetan Political Leader Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, Home Minister Kalon Gyari Dolma and Information Minister Dickyi Choyang also visited the hunger strikers and paid their respects and solidarity. Tibetan Parliament in Exile’s Deputy Speaker and Executive Member Monlam Tharchin as well as Members of Parliament Dawa Phunkyi, Dhadon Sharling, Yangchen Dolkar, Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok, Kusho Thubten Wangchen, Karma Yeshi, Norbu Tsering, Wangpo Tethong, Tsering Youdon, Lobsang Yeshi, Gyari Bhutuk, Chokyong Wangchuk, Youdon Aukatsang and Mogru Tempa visited the hunger strikers. Chitue Karma Choephel couldn’t visit due to personal health reasons but sent in his solidarity.

With three aims and five demands the campaign been successful in accomplishing its goals and has inspired a whole new CD3_3127generation of young Tibetans invoking a sense of renewed nationalism and patriotism in the Tibetan freedom movement. “Support from students, youth and members of the community has been great”, said Tamdin Hrichoe. “That kind of support and unity is very important in our struggle and must continue in order for us to win our country back,” added Hrichoe.

A Solidarity Unplugged Concert with Indian Rock Band Parikrama and Poetry for Peace events were also organized at the hunger strike site. This was something new and never done before. “The idea is that we have to use all our resources, ideas and be strategic, therefore such events help us in achieving our overall goals,” said Jigme.

TYC hunger strike participants will now be taken to the hospital for evaluation and necessary medication to recover.


Delhi Oct 3: As one of the three hunger strikers being forcibly hospitalized and the two others still resiliently carry on forward, immense Indian support has been pouring on. After Tsewang Dolma has been taken by police and hospitalized on the night of 21st Sept, the two others Tamding Hrichoe and Tenzin Wangchuk are carrying the hunger strike forward. The indefinite hunger strike initiated on 10th September by Tibetan Youth Congress now enters into its 24th day.

On the September 29th Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt Menka Sanjay Gandhi immediately received a delegation from TYC at her office and swung into action. She wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon and said, “I strongly believe that the United Nations and its member States must act immediately and hold China responsible for their actions in Tibet.” The Union Minister, who is also the Co-convener of All Party Indian parliamentarian Forum quoted the five point demands laid down by the Hunger Strikers.

HUNGER STrike 1The Hunger Strike site, hosted in a tent at the Jantar Mantar has been witness to a constant flow of visitors and quite often visited by long time Tibet supporters and Indian leaders like MP Shri Shanta Kumar (former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh), Shri Prafulla Mahanta (former Chief Minister of Assam), (former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand) MP Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari; Indian Members of Parliament like Shri Bashsistha Narain Singh and Shri Ninong Ering. Shri Shanta Kumar congratulated the hunger strikers on this campaign and asked that the hunger strike not go on indefinitely. The leaders not only issued support letters to hunger strikers but gave the assurance that they would raise Tibet issue during the winter session of the parliament. Several Indian Members of Parliament officially received TYC delegates at their offices and gave their support; they are former Union Minister Mani Shanker Aiyer, Kanak Lata Singh, Ramdas Athwale, Shyam Jaju, Ajit Singh and Mahendra Singh Mahar.

HUNGER @Students Unions of the Two of the most powerful political parties students wings National Students Union of India and Akhyil Bharatiya Vidhyarti Parishad came forward most strongly in support of the demands made by the hunger strike. Members of Indian Youth Congress also visited the hunger strikers.

On 1st October a group of Indian Tibet supporters lead by Gandhian and Chairperson of Gandhi Peace Foundation, Radha Bhatt and long time Tibet supporter Vijay Kranti a delegation approached the UN office in Delhi. In their petition addressed to the UN General Secretary they appealed the UN “to consider their demands with an open mind and without being weighted down by the unwarranted and unjustifiable pressures from the government of People’s Republic of China”.

Tibet Support groups Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch, Himalayan Parivar and All India Core Group for Tibet members also visited the hunger strikers. On Oct 2nd, Shri Swami Agnivesh President of Arya Samaj and a delegation of social activists from the community came in solidarity. Reknowned Indian social scientist Professor Ashis Nandy also visited the hunger strikers in solidarity.

 The support from Indian leaders  for Tibetan Youth Congress’s Indefinite Hunger Strike campaign urging the United Nations for an Immediate Intervention in Tibet has been absolutely inspiring says TYC President Tenzing Jigme. “Leaders from various different political parties, Ngo’s, youth wings and social activists have all come out very strongly in support and in solidarity with the hunger strikers and the campaign – this goes to show that the issue of Tibet is not an forgotten one – there is great support for the Tibetan cause and that we must keep the struggle going until Tibet is Free”, added Jigme.

We are willing to die for Tibet

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Tenzing Jigme +91-9882910291
Ngawang Lobsang +91-9816436697

“We are willing to die for Tibet”

Delhi Sept 28: Around 500 Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) members and Tibetan supporters will gather for a “Peace March” followed by a protest at the United Nations in Delhi on Monday Sept 28. TYC has initiated an “Indefinite Hunger Strike” for Tibet at Jantar Mantar in Delhi from Sept 10. This hunger strike is aimed to raise awareness about the critical situation inside Tibet, pay respect to the self-immolations for Tibet and show solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet. With a set of five demands to the UN, the Indefinite Hunger Strike is in its 19th day today. The three hunger strikers are TYC Executive members: Vice President Tamdin Hrichoe, Information & International Relations Secretary Tsewang Dolma and Finance Secretary Tenzin Wangchuk. 143 Tibetans have self-immolated inside Tibet since 2009 protesting China’s hardline policies. Tibet continues to burn.

TYC_Press Release (1) 27-9-2015

The health of the three hunger strikers are deteriorating day by day but their spirit is high and their will to continue until a response from the UN is given is firm. “We are willing to die for Tibet,” says Tamdin Hrichoe one of the participants of the hunger strike.

TYC demands to the United Nations are as follows:
1. Urge the United Nations to raise the issue of Tibet at its General Assembly and Human Rights Council Session
2. Urge China to address the demands of the Self Immolations in Tibet
3. Urge China to give evidence that the 11th Panchen Lama Gendun Choekyi Nyima is alive
4. Send a fact-finding UN delegation to assess the current critical situation in Tibet
5. Urge China to release all political prisoners

“This peace march will put pressure on the UN to stand up for Tibet and respond to our demands. The Tibetan issue cannot be ignored. UN, governments and leaders of the world have a responsibility to stand up and speak strongly for those oppressed,” said TYC President Tenzing Jigme.

TYC is the largest Tibetan NGO in exile working for the freedom and independence of the Tibetan people.

Who: Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Supporters
What: Peace rally/Protest
Where: March from Khan Market/Protest at UN
When: 10am Monday Sept 28
Why: To pressure the UN for an Immediate Intervention in Tibet


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