TYC launches digital campaign #MakeChinaAccountable2020

The online campaign comes in light of China’s lack of accountability and misrepresentation of facts over the origin, cause, spread, and fatalities of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chinese leadership under its failed leader Xi Jinping is responsible for the lies, deception, and cover-ups that ultimately led to the global COVID-19 pandemic. China’s blatant disregard for the global call for transparency over-sharing of information pertaining to the virus,  even after more than a hundred days is worrying. TYC strongly believes that the global efforts to resolve such a mammoth crisis affecting life will only be successful provided China is held accountable. Therefore in an effort to amplify the global call for China’s accountability, TYC and its chapters groups have devised an online campaign to enable mass participation in the global call.


Harnessing the potential of digital communication technology as it mandates the real world, the TYC led campaign will have over a period of ten days, the participation of over 100,000 individuals irrespective of nationality, race, color, gender, and faith. The campaign participants will post videos of less than 60-second length on the campaign Facebook page expressing in their own words and choice of language, their call for the Chinese leadership to be transparent, honest and become a responsible partner in the global efforts to end the spread of the pandemic.



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