Tibetan National Uprising Day Marked by Global Demonstrations

On March 10, 2023, Tibetans worldwide came together to commemorate the 64th anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day. In Dharamshala, a significant gathering of Tibetans from various states in India and overseas congregated to express their grievances against China’s policies. Five NGOs organized a nationalistic peace march denouncing China’s practices, including the mass collection of Tibetan DNA samples, the sinicization of Tibetan culture, the implementation of massive surveillance systems, the existence of colonial Chinese boarding schools, and the arbitrary imprisonment of Tibetan intellectuals.

The Vice President of the Tibetan Youth Congress, Mr Tashi Targyal delivered a powerful speech at a public gathering, highlighting the crucial need for unity among Tibetans in countering the ongoing atrocities committed by Chinese forces in Tibet.

Addressing the gathering, the Vice President emphasized the significance of standing together as a unified front to confront the challenges posed by the Chinese government. The atrocities and human rights violations carried out by Chinese authorities in Tibet have been a grave concern for the Tibetan community, necessitating a strong and united response.

The Vice President’s speech resonated with the audience, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and collective action to raise awareness, advocate for human rights, and work towards a resolution for the Tibetan cause. The Tibetan Youth Congress continues to play a vital role in mobilizing Tibetans and raising international awareness about the ongoing situation in Tibet.


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