Reception of the RTYC Delhi bikers in Dharamshala

On 9th January 2022, RTYC Delhi who organized a bike rally to boycott Winter Olympics in Beijing, China reached Dharamshala amid heavy rains and severe colds.

TYC General Secretary welcomed the bikers and thanked for their efforts to create awareness on the upcoming Genocide Games in Beijing.

TYC Centrex along with RTYC Dharamshala received the organizers and the bikers with Khatak at McLoed Ganj Main Square. They were later called in TYC Office for tea and snacks and  held a Press Conference with the bikers.

15 Tibetan youth activists with seven bikes are taking part in this rally which was started from Bangalore. RTYC Delhi Samyeling kicked off its cross-country bike rally from Bangalore to Delhi to boycott 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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