On April 19th, 2023, a dinner meeting took place between representatives of the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and a delegation from the Australian Parliament. The TYC General Secretary, Mr. Sonam Tsering, and Joint Secretary, Mr. Tsering Choephel, were among the attendees, along with representatives from other Tibetan non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The Australian Parliamentary delegation consisted of Sharon Claydon MP, who served as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senator Janet Elizabeth Rice, Sophie Anna Scamps MP, and Susan Raye Templeman MP.

The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate dialogue and exchange between the representatives of the Tibetan NGOs and the Australian Parliament. Such interactions provide an opportunity for representatives from the Tibetan community to engage with lawmakers and discuss matters of mutual concern, including human rights issues and the situation in Tibet. And such meetings offer a more informal setting for constructive discussions, allowing for a deeper understanding of the Tibetan cause and fostering connections between the Tibetan diaspora and international supporters.

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