TYC President chaired 17th RTYC NYNJ Executive Members Elections

Upon the invitation of RTYC NYNJ and decision by TYC Centrex, TYC President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup conducted and chaired the election of the 17th RTYC NYNJ executive members with the assistance from the former Presidents of RTYC NYNJ Mr. Ngawang Tharchin and Mr. Tenzin Kalden la. The election was witnessed by representatives of four major organization namely Tibetan Community NYNJ, Regional Chushi Gangtruk, Regional U-Tsang Association, Regional Domey Association.

The outgoing and newly elected executives of RTYC NYNJ with TYC President, former president of RTYC NYNJ and leaders of four major NGO in NYNJ.

The election was successfully concluded with seven new executive members. On 22nd May 2022, TYC President took charge of the oath-taking ceremony of the new executive members.

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