On December 11, 2022, the President and General Secretary visited Salugara in the Indian state of West Bengal. During their visit, they delivered a public talk addressing the pressing issues faced by Tibetans in Tibet and the various Tibetan struggle movements in the diaspora worldwide.

In addition to the public talk, the TYC facilitated the election of a new president and Regional Working Committee members. The election of new office bearers would ensure the continuity of TYC’s activities and efforts in the region, further strengthening the organization’s presence and impact.

By visiting Salugara, delivering a public talk, and conducting elections, the TYC President and General Secretary actively engaged with the Tibetan community in West Bengal, emphasizing the importance of unity and continued efforts in the struggle for Tibetan rights and freedom.

During their visit to the RTYC Chapters in the north-east, the President and General Secretary were warmly received and accompanied by the members of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress. The presence of the RTYC members indicates their support and cooperation with the TYC leaders during their visit. The collaboration between the TYC and the local RTYC chapters signifies the unity and collective efforts within the Tibetan community to promote the Tibetan cause and address the critical issues facing Tibetans.

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