On December 1, 2022, the President and General Secretary arrived in Sonada.

They engaged in interactions with Tibetans residing in Sonada, as well as with the settlement officer, Mr. Tenzin Woesal. The primary focus of these interactions was to discuss about the critical situation inside Tibet and the strengthening of the freedom movement. And aimed to discuss these issues and gather insights from the public.

On December 3, 2022, the TYC President and General Secretary visited the Darjeeling Tibetan Self-Help Centre and Sambhota School. During their visit, they met with representatives of Tibetan associations and delivered a public talk on the current situation prevailing inside Tibet, as well as the needs to strengthen the freedom movement in exile. The objective of this public talk was to raise awareness and provide updates on the ongoing struggle for freedom and human rights in Tibet.

These visits and interactions signify the TYC’s commitment to engaging with Tibetans, discussing pressing issues, and strengthening the movement for freedom and justice.

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