As part of the Tibetan Regional Chapters visiting program, the President and General Secretary were invited to Dimapur, Nagaland, where they engaged with the local Tibetan community. On 26th November 2022, upon their arrival in Dimapur, they took the opportunity to address the Tibetans residing there, shedding light on the alarming situation prevailing inside Tibet.

During their interaction, the President and General Secretary emphasized the need for heightened awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by Tibetans under Chinese rule. They discussed issues such as human rights violations, cultural suppression, and the struggle for freedom in Tibet. By doing so, they aimed to empower the Tibetan community in Dimapur and inspire them to actively contribute to the Tibetan cause.


The visit to Dimapur served as a platform to strengthen ties between the Tibetan Youth Congress leadership and the local Tibetan community. Through their presence and engagement, the President and General Secretary demonstrated their commitment to promote awareness among all the Tibetans across the country.

By promoting awareness and encouraging active participation, the Tibetan Youth Congress leadership seeks to mobilize Tibetans in Dimapur and beyond, fostering unity and resilience in the ongoing pursuit of freedom, justice, and the preservation of Tibetan culture and identity.

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