19. Sonam Rabyang

Name: Sonam Rabyang

Age: 42

Sex: Male Profession: Monk

Date of Self-immolation: 9 February 2012 around 1 pm (local time)

Location: Triwang Town, Yushul, Kham, Eastern Tsonamrabyangibet

Current whereabout/wellbeing: Unknown

His Slogans: Not Reported On 9 February 2012, monk Sonam Rabyang from Lab Monastery in Tridu County, Jyekundo set himself on fire on the main road of Lab Township. It was reported that at the time he was removed from the scene by security personnel, he was alive, but in a serious condition and his legs may have been amputated. No additional information has been received on his condition or subsequent whereabouts. Following the incident, the Chinese authorities reportedly detained senior monks from Lab Monastery.

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