TYC Kalachakra 2017 Social Service

34th Kalachakra Brimming with Spirit of Social Service (www.tibet.net)

BODH GAYA: Social services are in full swing at the largest Buddhist congregation in Bodh Gaya where an estimated 2 lakh devotees have come to attend the Kalachakra Initiation, organised by the Central Tibetan Administration.

An army of volunteers, clad in yellow uniforms are seen offering help to old aged devotees, lost children, receiving devotees at railway stations/airports and securing the devotees’ camps day and night.

Under the maxim of ‘Service to people’, the volunteers of Tibetan Youth Congress organisation are organising one of the largest social service, aimed at ensuring ease and chaos-free teaching experience for all devotees.

In an interview with Tibet.net. Mr Tenzing Jigme, President of TYC introduced the string of services led in action from 23 December, “We are aiming to provide maximum service to all devotees gathered for the Kalachakra teachings. A special feature of our social service program during this Kalachakra is the wheelchair service through which we enable many old aged pilgrims and differently abled, to circumambulate the Mahabodhi stupa, visit nearby monasteries and make smooth passage to and fro from Kalachakra teachings to their rooms.”

This massive welfare service is being achieved through a team of 250 volunteers from 19 regional Tibetan Youth Congress and TYC chapter members from five different colleges across India.

Social Service Actions in place under the aegis of TYC.

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