May 23, 2014
For Immediate Release

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Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the largest Tibetan youth organization and NGO in exile strongly condemns and rejects the baseless allegations against our spiritual leader His Holiness the14th Dalai Lama by followers of Dolgyal-Shugden.

In May 1996, Tibetan Youth Congress held a special conference, which was followed by adoption of a series of resolutions for policy directives to be pursued on this issue. Since then TYC and our members worldwide have been actively involved in educating Tibetans and non-Tibetans on the issues surrounding the worship of the Dolgyal-Shugden spirit. The following year we witnessed the murder of Venerable Lobsang Gyatso, director of Buddhist Dialectic Institute a close associate to the Dalai Lama, and his two young disciples in Dharamsala India. Indian police investigations led to conclude that the followers of Dolgyal-Shugden were behind these murders. TYC will once again hold a special session on this issue during our 45th Working Committee Meeting later this year.

The latest occurrences, fabricated assaults and confrontations on our leader the Dalai Lama during his trip to North America and Europe are a clear indication that Dolgyal-Shugden followers are stepping up their misguided propaganda. Renowned Buddhist Scholar and Columbia University Professor Robert Thurman, has written a recent article published in the Huffington Post connecting the Chinese government’srole in supporting Dogyal-Shugden activities. He states that, “the so-called Panchen Lama reincarnation, whom the Communist party chiefs appointed after abducting and disappearing the five year old boy properly chosen in the traditional way by acommittee of his monastery with approval of the Dalai Lama, is shown on the internet in various photographs sitting in front of a large icon of Dolgyal Shugden, as a sign of aggressive defiance of the Dalai Lama.” Recent decision of the Norwegian government not to meet the Dalai Lama due to pressure from China was applauded by the Dolgyal group clearly indicating Chinese government influence on the cult.

The Dalai Lama is beloved by Tibetans and non-Tibetans all over the world for his message of peace and compassion but moreover for his endless efforts in creating a world where people of different backgrounds, religions, sex, caste and race co-exists in harmony. For his noble efforts the Dalai Lama has received recognition by various governments and prestigious institutions all over the world including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. As the Dalai Lama has gained popularity and at the same time the reality of the situation in Tibet been exposed, China views him to be a threat to their illegal occupation of Tibet. Therefore, the Chinese government is ready to join hands in cahoots with followers of the Dogyal-Shugden and fund their anti Dalai Lama activities.

Assertions made by the Shugden followers like the Dalai Lama is not allowing religious freedom and calling him – “liar”,“false lama” etc. are totally baseless and have no real grounds to show for. The Dalai Lama has never banned the following of Dorjee Shugden – the spirit of the Shugden propitiators. The Dalai Lama has advised on the propitiation of the Dolgyal and if one choses to follow this spirit then he or she is free to do so. Members of the cult today, continue to exercise their choice and practice the propitiation of the spirit freely in various parts of the world therefore is no ban or denial of religious freedom. Attacking the Dalai Lama with unsubstantiated claims only provoke Tibetans who revere and love their leader.

The Dolgyal-Shugden issue has repeatedly been made very clear by His Holiness the Dalai Lama during several of his teachings and information is also available on the official website of the Dalai Lama (www.dalailama.com). We believe that there should be no reason for the propitiators of this spirit to carry on their injudicious propaganda. The recent incidents in North America and Europe are troubling and Tibetans all over the world and in Tibet are concerned. Tibetans inside Tibet sacrifice their lives and self immolate themselves calling for the return of His Holinessthe Dalai Lama back to Tibet. The disappointment felt by them because of the actions of those few in exile against our spiritual leader is immense.

Tibetan Youth Congress calls upon all Tibetan to remain vigilant, attentive and cautious. During visits of the Dalai Lama to your cities, we urge you to step up security and also partake in awareness raising campaigns thus educating the lay people as well as the followers of the spirit as to what the truth is. Today Tibetans in Tibet and exile remain more united than ever because of the leadership of the Dalai Lama.The resilient spirit of the Tibetan people cannot be undermined and we will not be divided. We stand firm behind our leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and any effort making false attacks to defame our leader will not be accepted. We pray for the long life His Holiness the Dalai Lama and we pledge to remain united and work for the Tibet issue to be resolved soon.

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