TYC joins Boycott Winter Olympics Rally in NYNJ

On 4th January 2022, under the leadership of RTYC NYNJ a protest rally was organized in front of the Chinese Consulate Office in New York. TYC President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup, TYC Joint Secretary Mr. Tsewang Rabgyal and TYC Cultural Secretary Mr. Yeshi Chomphel joined the protest rally.

TYC Centrex takes part in Boycott Winter Olympics Rally in New York.
Protestors in front of the Chinese Consulate Office, New York demanding the boycott of Winter Olympics.

Mr. Gonpo Dhundup delivered a speech in front of the Chinese Consulate Office, objecting IOC’s decision to host Winter Olympics in Beijing, China and turning a blind eye to all the atrocities committed by the CCP. He also condemned CCP for their repressive policies in Tibet and other occupied nations.


After the speech, the protestors marched towards NBC headquarters to object their decision to live telecast the Winter Olympics in Beijing.




Candlelight Vigil in protest against repressions in Kham Drago

Tibetans and Tibet supporters held a candlelight vigil in Dharamsala to express solidarity with the critical situation in Kham Drago after the Chinese authorities destroyed a 99 feet high Buddha statue.


A 99-foot statue of Buddha, built with a financial contribution of 4,000,000 Yuan from local Tibetans in Drago, in the Kardze region in the traditional Tibetan province of Kham along with 45 huge prayer wheels erected near Drago Monastery were also destroyed by the Chinese authorities on 12th December 2021.


Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC), Dharamsala, and Student for a Free Tibet (SFT)-India has jointly organized the candlelight vigil to make a strong case of  China’s “continued disregard and desecration of the religion of the Tibetan people, their culture and their custom.”


Many local Tibetans joined the vigil to express their solidarity with the people of Drago. After the vigil, Mr. Sonam Tsering, General Secretary of TYC gave a talk highlighting the severe restrictions on basic human freedoms, arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detentions, torture, and unnatural deaths that have all become the traits of Chinese rule in Tibet. He also mentioned how China’s policy of Sinicization has caused an assault on all the Tibetan national identities, most notably their language, religion, and culture, and that the Chinese government accelerated policies that reduce Tibetans as a proportion of the population and undermine their cultural and religious identity by 2020.

Kham Drago Candlelight vigil at McLeod Main Square.

He concluded by calling on the governments around the world for strong, collective, and immediate action to send a clear message to China and boycott the Beijing winter Olympic 2022 games.

Thank You Enes Kanter Basketball Match

Tibetan Youth Congress along with RTYC Dharamshala organized a Basketball Match at Central Institute for Higher Studies, Sarah to extend our heartfelt Thank You to Enes Kanter for resisting CCP’s authority and speaking about genocide, rape, torture, and murder by CCP on 30th October 2021.

Players holding placards thanking Enes Kanter for speaking up against Chinese atrocities.

The basketball match was played between members of the Tibetan Youth Congress and Students of the Central Institute for Higher Studies, Sarah. With just a slight difference in the score, the trophy was won by members of TYC. The edited video of the Thank You Enes Kanter Basketball Match posted on our social media was later reposted by Enes Kanter on his official social media platform.

Organizing members of the Thank You Enes Kanter Basketball match.

After the match, TYC President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup expressed gratitude to the professional basketball player Enes Kanter of Boston Celtics, National Basketball Association for his invaluable support for the cause of Tibet and urged for his continued support.

Launch of the Martyr Memorial Project

In attendance of the Chief Guest, Shri. Indresh Kumar, Special Guest BTSM General Secretary Shri Pankaj Goyal, Shri. Ajay Singh Mangodia and other dignitaries.

Tibetan Youth Congress in collaboration with Bharat Tibbat Sanyog Manch and the Voice for the Voiceless launched a year-long Martyr Memorial Project, in memory of all the 159 martyrs who selflessly set themselves on fire for the cause of Tibet and to stand in solidarity with all their family and loved ones.

The Martyr Memorial Project aims to organize protest events on all the dates of the self-immolations as a mark of remembrance and solidarity with the self-immolator across 127 nations. This year-long project also aims at creating awareness on the critical situation inside Tibet and the need for urgency for action by the international communities.

Participants of Martyrs Memorial Project.

















The launch event was held on 12th October 2022 at the Imperial Heights Clarks Inn Hotel, Kanyara. Shri. Indresh Kumar, RSS member and founder of BTSM and Shri. Pankaj Goyal, General Secretary of BTSM graced the event with BTSM representatives from 40 different chapters.












TYC Speaking Tour at Tibetan Winter Sweater-Seller in India 


Tibetan Youth Congress Speaking Tour for the year 2019-2020 began by visiting the Tibetan Sweater sellers located across India and bringing them closer to the Tibetan Freedom Movement by giving talks on the roles and responsibilities of being Tibetan and the legacies and relevance of the Tibetan Youth Congress. During this Speaking Tour, Tibetan Youth Congress also focused on raising funds for the 50th Year founding anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress in 2020. 

Tibetan Youth Congress President Gonpo Dhundup and Information Secretary Lhamo la visited all the Tibetan Traders Associations in Rajasthan. Likewise, Vice-President Lobsang Tsering and Accountant Tsamchoe visited and covered areas around Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa. Sonam Tsering, General Secretary of TYC, and Tenzin Norzom, Researcher covered the state of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. Joint Secretary Tsewang Rabgyal la and Cultural Secretary Yeshi Choephel la visited Gujurat, Maharastra, and Telangana. 

With Tibetan Youth Leadership Training and Social Service Programs ahead of us, TYC regrouped the members for the Speaking Tour. Gonpo Dhundup, President of TYC visited Winter sweater shops around Delhi while Vice President Lobsang Tsering and Information Secretary Lhamo covered the shops in Jharkhand. Joint Secretary Tsewang Rabgyal and Tibetan Researcher Ngawang Yarphel visited Tibetan shops around Haryana and Punjab. 

The Speaking Tour and FundRaising drive for the 50th Year Golden Jubilee celebration was a grand success and we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has supported us.

49th Founding Anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress


The celebration of the 49th anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress is an occasion to look back, reminisce and reassess its achievements. The 49th founding anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress started with the meeting of the Organizing Committee for the 50th Year Golden Jubilee Celebration. This is the first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the 50th Year Founding anniversary celebration. 

The members of the Organizing Committee include TYC Former Centrex (Sonam Tsering la, Topgyal la, Sherab Woeser la, Tsultrim Dorjee la, Ngawang Lobsang la, Tashi Targyal la) and RTYC Executives ( Lodoe Palden la, Tenzin Choedar la, Tharchin la and Rinchen Lhamo la). 

TYC activists staged an aggressive campaign at the Chinese Embassy as they celebrates the 70th founding anniversary of PRC


On 1st October 2019, TYC activists staged an aggressive campaign at the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to condemn the 70th founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. More than 50 activists stormed the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to protest against the repressive and authoritarian policies in Tibet under Chinese rule. The protestors were immediately arrested and were taken into custody at Mandir Marg Police Station and released at 6 PM on the same day. 


Solidarity March for Hong Kong


Tibetan Youth Congress organized a solidarity march for Hong Kong from Connaught Place to Jantar Mantar on 30th August 2019 in New Delhi. Around three hundred activists were seen wearing black clothes and holding umbrellas with different slogans, in support of the anti-government protests in Hong Kong.   

The protest march was graced by Mr. Vijay Kranti, a journalist and long-time supporter of the Free Tibet Movement, and Dr. Kovind, Co-founder of the Go Green organization. TYC also successfully handed a letter stating four of our demands for the solidarity march to the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi.

TYC kicks off Indo-Tibet Border Bike Rally


On 18th November 2020, Tibetan Youth Congress started a 6-day-long Bike Rally from McLeod Ganj to Kinnaur, an Indo-Tibet border region. 50 bikers volunteered to take part in this bike rally which aimed at propagating the message of boycotting made-in-China goods, countering and controlling Chinese intrusions into the Indian territory, and demanding the release of all political prisoners in Driru county of Tibet. 


The Indo-Tibet border bike rally was flagged off by Kangra MP Kishan Kapoor and the speaker and deputy speaker of TPiE. During the event, TYC President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup addressed the gathering on the significance of the Indo-Tibet border. He elaborated that China has posed a threat to India’s security since the illegal occupation of Tibet by citing examples of the recent illegal intrusion of the Chinese forces on Indian soil. Thus, the Indo-Tibet bike rally aims to raise awareness among the Indian public about the historical ties between Tibet and India.


Day 1: McLeod Ganj to Bilaspur covering 153 km

Day 1 of the  Indo-Tibet border bike rally to expose China kicked off on 18th November 2020 from McLeod Ganj. There were about 50 bikers from Dharamshala, Kullu Manali, Dekyiling, Paonta, Shimla, Bir, Delhi, and Rothang. Although there were plenty of other bikers who showed a willingness to participate, TYC kept the number to 50 to signify the 50th Year founding anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress. 

The bikers stopped for lunch sponsored by Mr. Tsering Wangdue at the Himachal Tourism restaurant in Hamirpur. TYC also addressed the media around the Hamirpur area regarding the Indo-Tibet border rally to expose China. After lunch, the bikers started moving to Bilaspur, the last stop for Day one.


Day 2: Bilaspur to Rampur covering 174 km

The second day of the Indo-Tibet border bike rally started with greetings from Mr. Sudender, Rampur district president of BJP. The bikers were escorted by PCR vans from Bilaspur. They stopped for a lunch prepared by TYC at Siloo and continued with their journey to Rampur. 


Day 3: Rampur to Reckhong Peu covering 143 km

On the third day, the bikers geared for the journey to the Indo-Tibet border in Reckhong Peu. The rally attracted a wide range of media coverage at Rampur. Rampur is a beautiful hill station located 100 km away from Shimla. The area was majorly dominated by the Negi Buddhist Community. Therefore, there were monasteries around the area. The rally started off with a prayer and blessings from one of the monasteries in Rampur. 

The bikers then rode towards the Nesang bridge located at the Indo-Tibet border in the Kinnaur district and upon reaching there, TYC President, General Secretary, and Joint Secretary declared the three demands of the Indo-Tibet Border Bike Rally in Tibetan, English, and Hindi respectively. Moreover, they protested against the inhumane and oppressive regime of Communist China.  

The bikers stayed in Spello for the night. 


Day 4: Spello to Shimla covering 260 kms

Day four began with a morning prayer session and Sangsol was joined by Mr. Roshan Lal Negi, who also sponsored our stay in Spello and had been a long-time supporter of Tibet. Post-Sangsol, Everyone gathered for a group picture and then rode towards Shimla. The roads were bumpy and the weather was freezing cold. We witnessed a small snowfall in Nagarkot before reaching Shimla.  Despite all odds, the bikers were determined to create awareness about the situation inside Tibet and continuously shouted “Bhoe Gyalo”. After covering a distance of about 260 kilometers, the bikers finally reached Shimla with a warm reception from the people of Shimla. Fourth Day marked the longest ride of the Indo-Tibet border bike rally to expose China.


Day 5: Shimla to Bir covering 207 kms

Day Five of the rally convened with a morning function attended by Mr. V.S Negi, President of the Indo-Tibet Friendship Association (Shimla), Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Deputy Councillor (Shimla), Mr. H.C. Negi, Vice President of Kinnaur and Lahaul Buddhist Association, Chief Representative Officer, Shimla and the leaders of Tibetan NGOs in Shimla. It was cold in Shimla but the rally must go on, so the bikers rode on to Bir, the final destination of our event. It was a 7-hour-long journey and the bikers covered a distance of 207 km. 


Day 6: Last Day/ Concluding ceremony of the Indo-Tibet border bike rally 

The concluding ceremony of the Indo-Tibet border bike rally to expose China was concluded on 23rd November 2020 at Nyingma Hotel in Bir. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ajay Ji, BJP President (Mandi District), Executive members of the  Indo-Tibet Friendship Association, Tibetan Settlement Officer (Chauntra), and the leaders of the regional Tibetan NGOs.

The Tibetan Settlement Officer and others offered Khatak to the bikers and organizers as a gesture of appreciation. The ceremony ended with a speech by TYC President Mr. Gonpo Dhundup. 


TYC celebrates 50 years anniversary in TIPA Hall

Dharamshala 7 October:  The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress is an occasion to look back, reminisce and reassess its achievements. It is also a time for TYC to review the past obstacles and consolidate its strength to tackle the present and future challenges. 


The Golden Jubilee celebration took place in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala with Mr. Tenzin Geyche Tethong, Co-founder and first President of the Tibetan Youth Congress as the Special Guest, Mr. Sonam Norbu Dagpo, former President and Chief Justice Commissioner, and Mr. Pema Jugney, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in exile as the Chief Guest. Apart from that, Former TYC executives or their representatives also attended the event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the program was scaled down to a modest event. 


L – R: Mr. Lobsang Tsering (Vice President), Mr. Gonpo Dhundup (President), Mr. Sonam Norbu Dagpo (Former President of TYC and Chief Justice Commissioner), Mr. Tenzin Geyche Tethong (Co-founder and first President of TYC) and Mr. Pema Jugney (Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in exile). 


In the opening remarks by the founder and first president of TYC, Mr. Tenzin Geyche Tethong commended the organization for its work for the Tibetan people and commented on China’s growing repressive policies in Tibet. He asked for greater unity amongst Tibetans in exile. 


After that, Mr. Sonam Norbu Dagpo, former President and the Chief Justice Commissioner applauded TYC for its commitment to Tibet’s freedom movement and for being the frontrunner organization in organizing campaigns and creating awareness for Tibetans on democracy, voting, and leadership. 


Speaker of the TPiE, Mr. Pema Jugney talked about the effectiveness of TYC in providing a platform for young leaders and pointed out how some of the most important and influential leaders had their roots in TYC. 


The program concluded with a virtual message from CTA President Dr. Lobsang Sangay and TYC co-founder Tenzin Namgyal Tethong.   


Performance by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA). 

Mr. Tenzin Geyche Tethong la, Co-founder of the Tibetan Youth Congress along with the 17th Central Executive Members of Tibetan Youth Congress. 

Organizing Committee of the 50th Year founding anniversary of the Tibetan Youth Congress. 

Group Picture with the participants of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of TYC at Imperial Hotel. 



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