83. Tamdrin Kyab

Name: Tamdrin Kyab

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Profession: Nomad

Date of Self-immolation: 22 November 2012 around 10 pm (local time)

Location: Luchu Township, Kanlho, Amdo, Northeastern Tibet

Current whereabouts/wellbeing: Deceasedtamdrinkyab

Local Tibetans discovered 23-year-old Tamdrin Kyab’s charred body on the morning of 23 November. As Tamdrin had self-immolated late in previous night near the Luchu River, no one had witnessed his action. Tibetans brought his dead body back to his home where many gathered to offer prayers and pay their respects. A former monk of Shitsang Monastery, Tamdrin had disrobed in 2007 to help his nomadic family. A source reported that Tamdrin often stated that without the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet, there is “no difference between living and dying in this world.”

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