72. Kalsang Jinpa

His slogan: “Return His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet”

Name: Kalsang Jinpa

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Profession: Nomad

Date of Self-immolation: 8 November 2012

Location: Dolma Square ground near Rongwo Monastery, Rebkong, Amdo, Northeastern Tibet

Current whereabouts/wellbeing: Deceased

In an apparent protest against China’s rule, Kalsang Jinpa an 18-year-old set himself on fire at the Dolma Square on the day the key CCP’s 18th National People’s Congress was being held in Beijing. Kalsang, a former monk of Rongwo Monastery raised a white banner shouting slogans calling for the Dalai Lama’s return and the rights of the Tibetan people before he set himself ablaze. As his body was consumed by flames Kalsang could still be heard shouting demands for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. Kalsang passed away in his fiery protest. His body was reportedly taken by local Tibetans to an area where usually only high lamas are cremated. According to exile sources, following the cremation Tibetans began to gather at the square in Rebkong where Jinpa had died, and some shouted slogans calling for the Dalai Lama’s long life and His return to Tibet.kalsangjinpa

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