49. Choepa

Name: Choepa

Age: 24

Sex: Male

His slogans were: protesting against the Beijing government

Profession: Unknown

Date of Self-immolation: 10 August 2012 around 10:15 am

Location: Me’uruma Township, Ngaba, Amdo, Northeastern Tibet

Current whereabouts/wellbeing: Deceased 10 August 2012 at 3 pm Choepa set himself on fire in Meruma Township, Ngaba County, shouting slogans of protest against the Chinese government. Local security personnel arrived at the scene within a few minutes, doused the still-fierce flames, and took him away. According to eyewitnesses, it was unclear whether he was still alive; however, it was later confirmed that Choepa passed away around 3 pm on the day of his protest shortly before reaching Barkham Prefecture hospital. The authorities reportedly cremated his body at the hospital, and only handed a portion of the ashes to his family.

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