28. Jamyang Palden

Name: Jamyang Palden

Age: 34

Sex: Male Profession: Monk at Rongwo Monastery

Date of Self-immolation: 14 March 2012

Location: Rebkong, Amdo, Northeastern Tibet

Current whereabouts/wellbeing: Deceased

His slogans: Not reported

Jamyang Palden finally succumbed to his injurijamyangpaldenes after immolating himself more than six months earlier on 14 March 2012. He passed away in the evening time at his monastic quarters at Rongwo Monastery. Monks and local Tibetans had been nursing Jamyang Palden and taking care of him since his discharge from a hospital in nearby Malho town. “Due to his severe burn injuries, he showed very little signs of improvement and finally passed away,” an exile Tibetan with contacts in the region reported. By setting himself on fire at Dolma Square, near Rongwo Monastery — the major monastery in Rebkong — Jamyang Palden became the first self-immolator in Amdo’s Rebkong town. Monks and local people rushed him to hospital, but he was later moved back to his monastery for fear that security personnel would detain him. Despite the heavy presence of troops after his self-immolation, images from Rebkong showed local people gathered at the scene, quietly praying for him. This gathering led to a peaceful protest, with Tibetans calling for the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet. Following his death in September, a large number of monks and local Tibetans gathered at the ground in front of the monastery to offer prayers and register their protests.

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