15th Annual Tibetan Youth Leadership Training Program

TYC Announces 15th Annual Tibetan Youth Leadership Training Program 2014

Dharamsala, Oct 29 – Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the largest Tibetan NGO in exile announces its 15th Annual Tibetan Youth Leadership Program. TYC serves as a valuable training ground for the future leaders of the Tibetan people. With eighty-eight regional chapters and over thirty five thousand members worldwide, TYC is able to reach a majority of exile Tibetan communities providing civil education for the public at large and conduct leadership training for Tibetan youth and adults. Tibetan Youth Congress has been one of the most important resources for educating Tibetans about democratic systems and Youth Leadership.

The Youth Leadership Training program is a regular feature of Tibetan Youth Congress. TYC has been organizing Youth Leadership Training program for the past 14 years. Last year, the Tibetan Youth Leadership Training Program was held in Bangalore with over 60 participants in attendance. This year more than 100 college students from India, Nepal and Bhutan are expected to participate in this training. The majority of the participants will be from various regional TYC chapters and major universities/ colleges in India. “The youth of today are the future of tomorrow and so it is important for us to train our youth so that they become better leaders and make our movement stronger”, says TYC Vice President Tamdin Hrichoe.

The aim of this training is to empower our Tibetan youth with leadership skills and experiences for the future of Tibet and the Tibetan people. Some of the workshops facilitated at this years training will be on, “How be become an effective leader”, “Power of Social Media”, “Democracy in Exile” and “Role and Responsibility of Youth in our movement”. This year’s training program will be held in Rohini Tibetan Youth Hostel from 23rd to 27th December 2014. Deadline to register for the conference is Nov 20.

For more information and to participate please contact Nyima Choezom email – orgsec@tibetanyouthcongress.org


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