Commemoration of the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day in Dharamshala

In Dharamshala, the Tibetan Youth Congress, in collaboration with the Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet, and Students for Free Tibet, united to honor the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day. Preparatory meetings were diligently conducted to draft a joint statement in English, Tibetan, and Hindi, outlining campaign actions to be undertaken on March 10th.

Posters were distributed across Dharamshala to raise awareness among tourists and to remind Tibetans of the significance of this historic date.

On March 3rd, volunteers from Dharamshala congregated at TYC office to inscribe slogans and demands on placards and banners. Hand-written banners symbolized our collective commitment to the cause, fostering a sense of solidarity and activism against Chinese repression.


After a month of meticulous planning and placard preparations, we marked the 10th March Tibetan National Uprising Day by distributing flags, slogan pamphlets, and the joint statement. Participants’ faces were adorned with Tibetan flags and symbols, reflecting the struggles endured during our years in exile. The atmosphere surrounding the Temple area on March 10th was charged with inspiration, as flags fluttered and slogans reverberated among Tibetans.


Following the official program at the Dalai Lama Temple, we embarked on a march to Kacheri, with thousands of Tibetans chanting slogans in unison. The peace march witnessed participation from the broader Tibetan community, including nuns, students, and monks from nearby institutions.


Upon arrival at Kacheri, after an arduous hour-long march under the blazing sun, we commenced the program by honoring the Tibetan and Indian national anthems, followed by a minute of silence to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by Tibetan martyrs.


Subsequently, commemorative songs were sung, and the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress delivered a poignant speech on behalf of the four NGOs. He conveyed greetings and voiced grievances over the ongoing suffering of Tibetans under Chinese repression, emphasizing the necessity for continued protests to denounce Chinese occupation and amplify the voices of Tibetans inside Tibet. Gratitude was expressed to the government and Tibet support groups for their unwavering support to the Tibetan cause.


The President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, Mr. Tashi Dhondup, then read the Tibetan statement, followed by Miss Tenzin Passang, National Director of Students for a Free Tibet India, who read the English statement. The event, hosted by the President of the Tibetan Women’s Association, was a resounding success, attracting a large public turnout and reaffirming our collective commitment to the cause of Tibet.



65th Tibetan National Uprising Day Commemoration in Delhi

The 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day was commemorated in Delhi with a peaceful rally from Janpath Metro Station to Jantar Mantar. The event was jointly organized by TYC Centrex, along with RTYC Rohini, RTYC Delhi Samyeling, and RTYC Chandigarh, SFT Delhi, RTWA, BTSM, ITCO, and VTag members.


During the rally, participants raised slogans highlighting the critical situation inside Tibet and demanded the Chinese communist regime to halt its forced relocation policies and damming projects in Tibet. The gathering was marked by passionate speeches, with Mr. Yeshi Chomphel la, the Organizational Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress, emphasizing the significance of commemorating this important date and the importance of our collective efforts in fulfilling the aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet through organized campaign activities.


Mr. Pankaj Goyal, the General Secretary of BTSM, along with Professor Anand from JNU, Mr. Vijay Kranti, and Venerable Archaya Yeshi Phuntsok, former Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, also addressed the gathering, condemning the Chinese regime’s continued repression in Tibet.


A significant number of Tibetans participated in the protest rally to honor the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day.


On March 11th, more than 40 activists from the Tibetan Youth Congress staged a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy, demanding an end to the forced relocation and damming projects in Tibet, and calling for an end to Chinese repression in the region. Amidst the bustling traffic, our activists raced towards the embassy, holding placards condemning Chinese oppression in Tibet and advocating for freedom in the region. They were subsequently detained but later released in the late afternoon.

In recognition of their dedication, a Khatak was offered to them by the organizations and associations in front of the Samyeling Monastery, where the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress emphasized the importance of such protest campaigns in demonstrating solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet and amplifying their voices on the international stage.





Global Movement to Boycott Made in China


TYC’s Press Statement in English on the Official Launch of the Global Movement to Boycott Made in China

11 July 2020, McLeod Ganj: Around 70 protestors joined for the TYC Global Movement to Boycott Made in China in Mcleod Square today. This protest was done as a continuation of the virtual #MakeChinaAccountable2020 Campaign which accuses China of the spread of the global pandemic, for the blatant violation of Human Rights in Tibet, Uyghur, Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The Global Movement to Boycott Made in China calls to stop the purchase and use of products Made in China since all the money that we pay for these products goes into the wrong hands which ultimately leads to a result affecting our lives.

On 11th July, TYC members and activists burned the effigy of Chinese President Xi Jiping along with products Made in China. The members and activists pledged not to use or purchase products Made in China.









Rejoinder to P.Stobtan


Press statement


Tibetan Young Buddhist Association strongly condemns the recent irresponsible comment made by former Diplomat Phunchok Stopdan against His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama during a political debate broadcast in Aaj Tak news channel.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is not only the spiritual leader of hundreds of thousands of Buddhists all around the world but also a source of love and compassion for all sentient beings. The recent remark made by P Stobdan was very insensible and has hurt the sentiments of Buddhist all over the globe.

Hence, we condemn the indecent and disrespectful languages he used against our spiritual leader, and we demand his earnest apologies for hurting the sentiments of the Buddhist devotees.

With this, we extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Ladakh associations and individuals who demanded his apologies and stood in solidarity with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Tibetan Young Buddhist Association is an organization formed by Tibetan Youth Congress primarily to inculcate more sense of religiosity especially among the educated Tibetan and Buddhist youth, and it was registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. Tibetan Youth Congress is the largest NGO in exile Tibetan Community.

Mr. Gonpo Dhondup
Tibetan Young Buddhist Association



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