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To find out what you as an individual can do, join the International Friends of Tibetan Youth Congress (IFTYC).

In 1949 when Mao Tse-Tung launched the invasion of Tibet in the name of “liberation,” the world stood a silent spectator. A small nation of only six million and a standing army of only 8000 soldiers armed with outdated rifles were left to defend themselves against the most populous nation with the largest armed force in the world. The result is now history: Occupation and devastation of Tibet, the destruction of its religion, and the slaughter of its people; more than 1.2 million dead, and over 6000 monasteries ruined to the ground. Today, as Chinese authority in another kind of army — an army of landless and jobless immigrants to Tibet in the name of “liberalisation” and “development,” the world continues to ignore the violation of all international norms and covenants as countries vie with each other to capture the Chinese market.

Already outnumbered by a sea of Chinese immigrants, the Tibetan people are today not only fighting for freedom, they are also struggling for survival. Some believe that the present policy of population transfer could will be China’s “final solution” for Tibet. But this need not be the case: You can help to save Tibet.


What is IFTYC?


The International Friends of Tibetan Youth Congress (IFTYC) is a network of supporters all over the world who support the Tibetan people’s aspiration for independence, and believe that Tibet should become independent not only for the Tibetan people but also in the interest of global peace and stability.

IFTYC is not an organisation. It is an international forum for TYC supporters to express their support for Tibet. Any non-Tibetan, who believes that the Tibetan people have the right to independence, the same all other people, may enroll as a member.


How do you join?


Joining International Friends of Tibetan Youth Congress is essentially an act of one’s endorsement that the Tibetan people have the right to be free. The list of suggested activities are only for those willing and able to give practical shape to their belief. It must be said, however, that even if a member undertakes only one of the suggested activities, it will help to make a big difference to the Tibetan people’s struggle for independence.

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