TYC 46th Working Committee Meeting kicks off in Delhi

The forty sixth Working Committee Meeting of the Tibetan youth congress convened in Samyeling Tibetan Refugee settlement in North Delhi on 24th July 2015. The six day meeting is the annual meeting of the leaders of the various regional chapters of the largest Tibetan non governmental organization. In this meeting 130 executives representing 35 regional chapters have convened in Delhi.
The meeting commenced with an opening ceremony where the President of TYC, Mr Tenzin  Jigme welcomed the delegates and the guests. He said “We are gathering here with such warmth in our heart and feeling deeply blessed just after the recent Long Life prayer “Tenshug” offering in Dharamshala to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.”
Expressing concerns about some of the regional chapters that are still to reconcile with majority of the TYC body the President said “TYC welcomes and celebrates difference of opinion and we debate thoroughly within the organization on outstanding issues. But we must all respect the uncompromising goal of Independence for Tibet. Those who do not have it, they are free to join other organizations.
Talking about the controversial elections of the New York New Jersey regional chapter Mr Jigme said: “Every TYC member must respect the TYC Charter. One cannot selectively follow the rules. The rules make sense when they are followed in whole.”
Mr Tempa Tsering , the representative of the his Holiness the Dalai Lama in New Delhi presided over the function as the Chief Guest. The former minister of Central Tibetan Administration had also served the Tibetan Youth Congress twice as its Central executive said he was delighted to be there among the TYC members.
Commending on the on-going social-political work of the Tibetan Youth Congress he said His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people have always loved and supported TYC’s activities. But in the recent times due to few individual officials of TYC directing their criticism at CTA instead for the failure of the negotiation with China.” The support for TYC has waned.
Supporting TYC’s stand for Independence he said “Ours is a democracy, and in a democratic society difference in ideology and opinions are not only natural but everyone has the right to hold one’s own stance. As a democratic society we must respect difference of opinion”.IMG_3358